1. Far From The Callous Crowd
    Grand Collapse

  2. History Lessons
    Spanner / Action Sedition

  3. Dead Lands
    Officer Down

  4. This Is Killing Me
    Dead Rejects

  5. A World Into Dust
    Dead City Riot

  6. Libertalia

  7. Vampire
    Black Star Dub Collective

  8. Immigrants & Dissidents
    Will Tun & The Wasters

  9. Fallacy
    Ephemeral Foetus / Piss On Authority

  10. Atterkop

  11. Sweden The Deal
    Various Artists

  12. The Good Old Days

  13. Before The Dawn EP (re-release)
    Dead City Riot

  14. Stop The Cull - Benefit Compilation
    Riot Ska Records / Sabotage Promo

  15. Bring To Ruin
    Bring To Ruin

  16. They're Like Pop Punk Or Whatever
    Future Theft

  17. Boom!

  18. One Of The Millions Of Robots

  19. Out Of Business

  20. Deadpan
    Union Jack

  21. A Benefit Compilation In Love & Solidarity With Kostas Sakkas Volume 2
    Riot Ska Records / Pumpkin Records

  22. A Benefit Compilation In Love & Solidarity With Kostas Sakkas
    Riot Ska Records / Pumpkin Records

  23. Free Radicals
    Primeval Soup

  24. Brand New Gasmask EP
    These Creeps

  25. Get Off Your Ass, Get Off Your Knees
    Opposition Rising

  26. Positively Depressing
    Dead Rejects

  27. Tales From Twisted Minds EP
    Ghetto Blaster

  28. Age Of Austerity

  29. Vs The Predatory Pathocracy
    Global Parasite / Dead Subverts

  30. One Shot EP
    One Shot

  31. Kiwi Farewell Session (LIVE)
    Private Gain

  32. L.I.V.E.

  33. Never Ending Struggle
    Union Jack

  34. Choices
    Beng Beng Cocktail

  35. Prower EP

  36. Part II: Generic

  37. Dead City Riot
    Dead City Riot

  38. Love Life & The Devil
    Night Gaunts

  39. Fear Of War Sampler
    Piss On Authority

  40. ...Defence Starts With Heart

  41. Drudgery & Exertion Demo's
    Private Gain

  42. South West Underground Vol.1

  43. Think For Yourself
    Ghetto Blaster

  44. Planet of The Apes

  45. Aceh: 10 Days Strong Mixtape
    Various Artists

  46. Album Sample

  47. Aftermathematics LP
    Opposition Rising

  48. Global Unity Musik II - V/A

  49. Riot Ska Records - Label Sampler 2011
    Various Artists

  50. Anima Mundi
    Divine Spark

  51. Think For Yourself PROMO
    Ghetto Blaster

  52. Plagues EP
    Aim For Your Head

  53. No Choice Left Ltd Edition EP
    No Choice Left

  54. Nuestra Lucha, Nuestra Gente

  55. Album Sampler 2011
    The Dirty South Revolutionaries

  56. Soul For Sale
    Thee Infidels

  57. The Poseurs
    The Poseurs

  58. A Nightmare On Wall Street
    From The Cradle To The Rave

  59. Banditos

  60. Full Body Tourettes [PtII]
    Night Gaunts

  61. As Soon As There Is Justice

  62. The Parting Gift EP
    Army Of Ants

  63. Information Is Power

  64. Untitled EP
    Still Alive

  65. Feeding Program
    Murder Media & Posero

  66. Nothing But Net
    Dead End Job & Offbeat Heroes

  67. Nothing In This World Was Put Here For You
    Murder Media

  68. GBC EP
    Ghetto Blaster

  69. Silence Equals Crisis - V/A

  70. Dancehell Music Split EP
    The Poseurs & Kung Fu Devils

  71. From The Swallow To The Bottle (11tracks of 22)
    Beng Beng Cocktail

  72. Global Unity Musik - V/A

  73. O.F.C / The Vaudevillains Split
    O.F.C / The Vaudevillains

  74. Big Time


Riot Ska Records Bristol, UK

founded in 2009, Riot Ska Records is an independent, politically conscious label based in Bristol, UK. True to the form of most DIY collectives, we forego contracts, preferring a platform of mutual trust and respect with a solid network of DIY musicians, individuals and labels we work with. We are a non-profit, all money raised goes right back in!

Chris, Claire & Ian
Riot Ska Records

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